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My name is Adrian Ramirez. I am a student at Texas State University, and I am quite fond of it. Unlike my friend, roommate, and accomplice Dan Japko, I do not have a particular subject I feel I should write about. However, don’t think I am insinuating inferiority to Mr. Japko. Although he is a witty and fantastic writer, I am in no way subservient or lower than he is.
Because of my lack of a specific interest of mine for this thread, I think it appropriate that I should tell you all about myself. Hey, you’ve come this far; I bet you’re all sorts of interested in me. No? Well, you’re reading this, so guess who wins?

(I do.)

I was born in Abilene, but I don’t remember too much of it, because my family moved to San Antonio before I was two years old. I was raised in San Antonio, and I went to high school at Central Catholic High School, an all-male school smack in the middle of downtown. My mom was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and my dad was born in the Bronx, so while my mom’s attitude toward San Antonio was one of being overwhelmed at its size, my dad used to talk about how small and friendly San Antonio was.
I love travelling, by the way. Though I’ve lived in Texas all my life, I’ve been outside the state at least once every year since the age of three. When I was 17, I got to go out of the country for the first time, on a two week summer program to Japan. The next year I went to Australia. Maybe I’ll tell you in another blog about all my overseas shenanigans. Trust me, there are a lot of them.
As you can probably tell from now, I love writing, and I also enjoy reading on my downtime. This last summer I read all seven Harry Potter books. I have quite an eye for literature, don’t I? As far as writing goes, I was a member of the newspaper and yearbook staffs for my junior and senior years of high school, and I was even the student life editor for the paper. I’m just that good with words.
Well, my dear reader, I figure I’ll leave you at that, because you’ve got other blogs to read. Check back again some time, maybe I’ll have something excellent to read. Or maybe just a blog about making trouble on an Australian beach. Either way, it’ll be fun.



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